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Today we will look at the core of ‘Switch to Data Roles’, What are Data Roles?. What is the day to day work of those roles? And in my next article we will discuss on Which companies offer Data Roles ? How much is the mean salary of these roles? As adding all in one post will make it hard to go through in a single run.

Lets Deep Dive in to the first topic

What are Data Roles?

Data roles are roles in an organization offered to employees whose job is to predominantly work on data, churn the data and take actionable information from the data which add value to the organization.

If you ask me, I am a retail sales guy who gets a lot of data from retail stores on a daily basis and I use excel to forecast and plan the supply to respective stores, is this a data role. I would say yes to some extent but not completely. Here your main job is to do the sale. You are using data to understand the purchase behaviour and do the sale. whereas the person working in a data role works only on data, his primary role can include but not limited to collecting, storing, cleaning, accessing and controlling the data. In your retail sales job you are getting the required data, think of how you are getting it, what is the process involved in this.

Going through this article helps you understand What are various Data Roles and what is their day to day work.

Before going to look at each and every Data Roles, I would like to talk about various team that are involved in this

It starts with The Data Team or Big Data Team, who work on solving the problem. The team will do a significant amount of work on data that is available first. Based on that the Business Intelligence team will provide Business Insights Dashboard. Once the dashboard is ready, the Data Science Team will use Business Analytics or Data Analytics to develop models that could predict future outcomes.

If you look at various roles, there is a lot of confusion among the roles that are prevailing in the industry. The constant evolution of the data science industry is making it very confusing and complicated.

So now you understand that the roles were many and sometimes the borders are transparent. With this note we will look at few roles that which are prevailing in the industry

Data Mining Specialist

A Data Mining specialist is responsible for gathering and cleaning data sets, applying Statistical Methods. It is a level added to a statistician whose responsibility is also to extract patterns from data. So Now a Data Mining Specialist is basically a statistician who can perform more accurate forecasts with the help of new mathematical and statistical models, radical improvement in technology.

The data mining specialist who turned into a predictive data specialist is now called a Data Scientist.

Let us look at roles in

  • Business Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Business Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the top most heard buzz word in the data science industry, I hope you have come across this quite often while searching on google/watching videos on YouTube.

Business Analytics majorly deals with working on past data to uncover the underlying patterns. Business Analytics also include Qualitative Analytics. Business analytics consultant uses Business Case studies in

  •  Preliminary data reporting
  •  Reporting with Visuals
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Sales Forecasting etc..

Data Analyst

Data Analyst might not require the business use case here in his activities on data. Domain knowledge is very important for Business Analysts, whereas Data analysts work majorly to help other roles working on Data.. The role include but not limited to

  •  Preliminary data reporting
  •  Reporting with Visuals
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Sales Forecasting etc..

Data Scientist

Data Science is the most trending role of the 21st century, Data Science is a discipline that relies on data availability, whereas Business Analytics Does not rely completely on Data.

Data Science involves Data Analytics as well as complex mathematical, statistical and programming tools. It involves   

  •  Preliminary data reporting
  •  Reporting with Visuals
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Optimizing the existing process

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is Analyzing and reporting the historical business data (Past Data). Dashboards are made based on the reports and these are used by the top management like the General Manager of a company to make the informed strategic and tactical business decisions.Business intelligence is the preliminary step in predictive analytics. 

The main responsibility is

  •  Reporting with Visuals
  • Creating Dashboards

This is part 1 of what are Data Roles. In my next post I will continue with few more data roles and also add job descriptions to it.

Thanks for going through my blog post ! See you in the next post.

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